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Home Call Systems


 When assistance is required in care homes by residents or patients, they need a reliable nurse call system at all times.

Such as the INTERCALL range which is one of the best and most reliable systems on the market today.







There is no need for a mass of ugly wiring around the building as the intercall system operates from a pair of wires within a telephone type cable.





The system is also very adaptable and can be used to replace old systems using existing wiring.

Should you require the facility of speech communication to the rooms this is also possible with the INTERCALL system.

All devices are programmable individually on a laptop giving the client a bespoke system.

ATC Fire Alarms Maintain, Install, Modify and repair INTERCALL and various other systems.


We can install extra call points, pull switches, overdoor lights, display panels, sounders and relay operated devices e.g. door alarms etc .
With a limited amount of disruption, and all new devices will be programmed if required.




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