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"Preventative maintenance is the best way to 
avoid emergency situations.


A fire alarm system fitted with the appropriate equipment ensures early fire detection and warning by operation of the audible and visible alarms allowing time for the occupants of the building to escape safely.

Modern fire alarm systems will at the earliest possible stage detect smoke and fire in an emergency.

If maintained and operating correctly they are designed to automatically or manually alert building occupants to the danger of fire and evacuate the building.




Once the fire has been detected the emergency services will be advised and action taken to minimise danger and to protect life and property.

For building owner/occupiers to meet the requirements of the fire safety orders this is a minimum requirement.

A fire alarm system fitted and maintained to British Standards CAN SAVE LIVES.


The minimum requirement of bi-annual inspections to maintain and repair fire alarm and emergency lighting systems is to be carried out by a qualified and competent person as stated by the RRO.

ATC Fire Alarms carry out work to current British Standards by qualified and competent personnel. We can give advice and recommend the most appropriate system for any application. The following are examples of what some systems may consist of detection devices such as heat detector, smoke detector and manual call points. Audible and visual devices such as bells, electronic sounders and flashing beacons. Also door magnets and relays for gas shut off etc.

ATC Fire Alarms maintain, install, modify and repair various types of fire alarm systems. We can also retrofit and upgrade existing or obsolete equipment.



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